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cooking classes

Cooking Classes

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens offers several different classes to educate and inspire you with simple but effective cooking techniques; experience fresh, local ingredients and the satisfaction gained from feeding people truly great food. Whether you’ve used a saute pan or regularly run circles around top chefs, we offer a cooking class that will expand your personal, culinary knowledge.

Using our wood-fired ovens, we will take you step-by-step through the process of making hand-tossed, thin-crust pizzas, an array of delicious tapas or juicy and succulent grilled meats on our churrasqueria. Spend some quality time with friends and family and share the unique experience of enjoying the amazing dishes you’ve prepared together.

All classes are three hours from start to finish, ending with a group meal of the dishes you’ve prepared together. Students will receive hands on experience and take away the knowledge of operating a wood fired oven.

Located in the heart of Eagle Rock, California we’ve expanded our test kitchen for various events, cooking classes, and product demonstrations for the all inclusive wood burning oven experience! Our unique culinary space offers two kitchens—one indoor, one out—door, wood-fired ovens, a Brazilian BBQ, and starlit dining. Our seasoned staff provides the savoir-faire for any occasion or event you might dream up—from the casual cooking class to the elegant wine dinner to the pop-up restaurant.

See and test drive a full line of wood fired ovens and accessories at our test kitchen!
Dedicated to those interested in the wonders of wood fired oven cooking, Chef and Owner Michael Gerard takes customers through all of the steps of owning, cooking with, and maintaining a traditional Wood Fired Oven. Food is everything, and you deserve the best!

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