Pagoda Upper Enclosure

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Pagoda Upper Metal Enclosure

The pagoda upper metal enclosure, inspired by the form of the ancient Buddhist temples, exudes tranquility, repetition and balance. The multi-tiered eaves act as platforms for herb gardens and olive oils to compliment wood fired cooking.

Constructed of 1″ welded tube steel, the pagoda upper enclosure fits perfectly on top of our metal stand and wood fired oven and will greatly reduce your construction time. Cement board can be easily applied to the exterior using self tapping screws. Finishing with stones, tiles, and stucco is easy to install at this point. The upper enclosure is available in two options. Option 1 includes a shelf in front of the oven opening and Option 2 does not have a shelf.

Pagoda upper enclosure is available for corner stands, call for details, 800-579-2797.

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Internal Height: 17″
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Internal Diameter: 33″
External Diameter: 42″
Mouth Height: 10.25″
Mouth Width: 16.5″
Weight: 441 lbs


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